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Beware of counterfeit products!

Is your health important to you? Are your customers important to you?

Buy only Original Products, save on your health and your money
Like many premium products, American Leptin and Smart Sense products are being counterfeited and sold at flea markets and on popular auction and other e-trade websites, Counterfeit American Leptin and Smart Sense products do not meet the high standards of quality and health you can expect from us.

Unfortunately, with many products that have a rapid growth and successful sales, it opens the market to illegal or counterfeit product sales. As with their illegal other habits, the companies that 'create' these counterfeit products show little regard for consumer safety, they lure customers with low prices and with these low prices go low quality, lower than you can imagine.

We hear of stories of companies purchasing vegetable powder, mixing it with coffee flavouring, placing into sachets and selling. 'One step up' from these companies are the ones that use vegetable or starch powder, coffee flavouring and weight loss chemicals (amphetamines, etc), this is their input into weight loss ingredients. They have equipment set up in garages, bedrooms, etc, they mix with their hands - the list goes on.

If you suspect you have a fake or counterfeit Leptin product, we urge you to query it with us or bring it to our attention.
If you would like to report a suspect counterfeit American Leptin and/or Smart Sense product, please send an e-mail to We appreciate your assistance in preventing the distribution of counterfeit products.

Don't take chances with your health, chemicals are not metabolised like other ingredients, regardless of weight loss, you have much more at risk.

Anyone can copy our packaging, our posters and our brochures – BUT NO ONE CAN COPY OUR FORMULA!

You risk buying a fake product which will not be protected by Smart Sense liability.
We do not take any responsibility for products that are sold from unauthorized distributors!
In order to minimise your risk of purchasing counterfeit products, please ensure you:
• Purchase products only from reputable and authorised outlets.
• Ensure your selling agent can provide you with their substantiated and full business contact details prior to purchase.
• Make note of the original labelling on the packaging (alteration in colour, sticker, address, etc)
• If in doubt, you should contact us for further clarification or to be put into contact with an authorised Leptin agent.

Please Note !
Smart Sense International  Ltd (HK) t/as American Leptin Pharmaceuticals have never allowed any company from China to use our original trademark or hologram sticker. Excluding Australia - every  packaging of our products contain our trademark sticker indicating the authenticity our product.

Any other company selling  Leptin products without the sticker and without a signed certificate by Smart Sense International Ltd is deemed to be selling non-genuine products and dangerous to your health.
Our Hologram Original Sticker (excluding Australia)
Important news about our stickers or seals!
Start from May 2011 we began using new stickers due the constant counterfeiting of our previous stickers.
Our new stickers are very difficult to duplicate, almost impossible.

There will remain some of the previous stickered products within the market which are from our authorized distributors who sell original products, most of the distributors were given the new stickers to put together with the old sticker.

On all of our international packaging you can expect to see a hologram sticker which indicates the authenticity of the product by Smart Sense International Ltd (HK) t/as American Leptin Pharmaceuticals.

Only Guaranteed Smart Sense products carry the following certification:

• US FDA Registration
• Australian TGA Certification
• Trademark
• Copyright

Box's openning strip
Pay attention to the box's openning strip with the letters of 'American Leptin' along the strip
The new stip is exist for all Leptin products, except weight loss dried plum and mini dried orange
Regular worldwide packaging
In order to minimise your risk of purchasing counterfeit products, please ensure your box package as follows:
• The width of the box is 4.5cm.
• Nutrition panel is added to the side of the box.
• There is silver along the press on the base of the sachet.
• The package includes the new hologram sticker.
• "18 Sachets" is stated on the front, and not "18 packs"
• "by SS" is stated on the hologram sticker
Please note – the new packaging to avoid purchasing fake & unsafe products on the market
Special Edition packaging
Special edition production for Green Coffee 800 & Green Coffee 1000 - FDA boxes and Special adjusted box for Weight Loss Dried Plum.
Austrlian packaging
The exclusive manufacturing distributor by Australia Leptin Pharmaceuticals 
In order to minimise your risk of purchasing counterfeit products, please ensure your box package as follows:
• The width of the box must not change from 4cm.
• Australian Sancrox address at side of the box.
• There is silver along the press on the base of the sachet.
• Australian packaging contains NO hologram of  “original’ sticker!

Please note – the new packaging to avoid purchasing fake & unsafe products on  the market

Black List
It has been proven that fake products have been found to contain dangerous chemicals.

Using or Selling products from those companies are your own responsibility
The mentioned companies are not authorized by Smart Sense or American Leptin.

Selling counterfeit product by using Smart Sense's symbols may lead to a legal claim

Unauthorized Companies

• Beauty Options International
• Ann Biocare
• GSK International

Unauthorized Websites

• originalgreencoffee800,nl
• leptinpharmaceutical,com
• maximumslim,eu
• bestgreencoffee,nl
• leptingreencoffee800,nl
• leptingreencoffee800,eu
• leptin,me
• leptingreencoffee800,org
• ondietday,com

• Smart Sense does not have any connection with the product "1000 Dried Plum"
• Smart Sense does not have any connection for products with similar appearance of our stickers but has a square shape
• Our website's pictures are copyright to us! Any use of our pictures will be considered as a direct violation of Copyright Law.
• In several countries sachet with the hologram emblem may be provided. This is an Original Leptin Sachet.
• Fake product will not be protected by Smart Sense liability!